nillazine is a gamechanger and ready to unleash Vanillas true power.

nillazine is a super fast, efficient and versatile theme for the very popular and "Peoples Choice" award winning Vanilla forum.

nillazine is not just an ordinary theme it's rather an extremely versatile theme-framework and you'll be amazed about its capabilities and features since you're able now to run your nillazine powered site as portfolio, multi-user blog, photo sharing site, magazine, social network, community, news site or in fact as whatever you want - all kind of scenarios are conceivable.

nillazine's convincing concept

  • Easy and out of the box installation
  • Content centric layout and design
  • Hassle free and fast content creation
  • Firmly integrated signature features
  • Cross-browser and cross device-friendly
  • 100% of Vanillas proven UI and workflow retained
  • JavaScript free structure

Creating content is made to be simple

No matter if for a regular user or an administrator, creating articles or content in general is easy as posting on your facebook facebook or Google+ wall, there is no need to crop images or to change their ratio, just copy & paste the image-URL from the web or upload your image directly, add your text and that's it.
nillazine aligns your images automatically and sorts your images into the masonry grid completely on its own, so you don't have to waste any time on cropping or aligning images.

No JavaScript involved

nillazine is a real hand-coded product thought through from front to rear and unlike many other themes we've omitted implementation of JavaScript or JavaScript dependent frameworks like for example Bootstrap or jQuery to maintain nillazines core functionality and its design, it'll be therefore also accessible with deactivated JavaScript and it'll perform in a lot of cases also better for people with slower internet connections.

nillazine also completely omits external resource-hungry 3rd party font icons, instead it makes a great use of Vanillas already included UI assets wich creates a great symbiosis between both to maintain Vanillas familiar and proven usability and the fundamental performance of an optimized forum.

The perfect solution for existing Vanilla forums

If you're already an owner of a Vanilla forum and if you were thinking about to expand or to renew your site then look no further since you're able to catapult your website easily to the next level with just a few clicks in your themes settings by turning Vanilla into nillazine.

Subtheme support

You can either use our freely available subthemes or create your very own subthemes, but make sure you check our subthemes repository here at Vanilla forums and feel free to share yours too.

nillazine speaks mobile

nillazine is of course fully responsive and it will adapt to the screen size of your mobile device, but that's not the only thing what nillazine does to ensure the best possible browsing experience since it also disables all demanding animations to ensure the best possible performance even on slightly aged mobile devices.

nillazine is fast and efficient

nillazine scores five points higher than Vanillas dedicated mobile theme in varvy's mobile friendliness rating and Scores according to Pingdom with an A rating higher than for example Invision Power Forums, Phpbb3 or the Wordpress Blog.

Ditch your bloated CMS

nillazine works completely without the need to use an additional script-heavy CMS or other similar web-applications and saves therfore plenty of webspace, money and your webserver is going to keep its important reserves for peak times.

The benefits of displaying your content in a masonry style grid

Displaying content within a varying and gridded layout makes any displayed information more livelier and it feels way more inviting for your visitors to scroll and click through your content.

Just check out Pinterest or googles image search for example and you'll get the idea.