Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Design Service

I need a lot of things changed and CSS & HTML is all greek to me, do you offer a paid custom design service?

Yes of course, just contact us without obligation and tell us about your project.

Copyright & Limited Script Access

Can i remove and change the copyright link in the footer?

Yes of course.

I need access to the encoded scripts, can you provide them also "unprotected" ?

Sadly no, you're not going to be able to change the structure of some in nillazine included PHP files but you can change the look of nillazine almost completely just by editing the provided CSS and template files.
If we need to update particular scripts in the process of fixing bugs or adding features between major updates then we're going to provide them via eMail to you.

nillazine is a licensed product, decoding those protected (encoded) files would result in a copyright infringement and is therefore prohibited.

Free Support

Do you offer any kind of support or support packages?

There are at the moment no support packages in the pipes.

In normal cases you do not need any kind of support as long as you know how CSS and a source code editor works, all visual aspects of the site can be changed inside nillazines CSS.


Do i get updates?

You'll get updates for free within a version cycle.

Version cycle?

For example "v1.0 - v1.9" would be a full version cycle, "v2.0" would mark the start of the next version cycle.

How frequently are your themes updated?

If we find a bug, or if we'd like to implement a new feature.

Configuration & Setup

I've bought already a good looking theme for a another CMS, and as first i had to import such a dump file with demo content and right after that i had to configure forms, custom fields and plenty of other stuff and it wasn't so good looking anymore, is the setup of nillazine also so cumbersome and complicated?

Absolutely not, you don't have to import stuff, or set up form fields and there is also no need to engeneer functions in reverse just to understand how you could create some content, rather you're going to have a real plug & play experience so just upload nillazine, enable your desired plugins and you're good to go.
Click here for short a video to see how easy it is


What do i need to run nillazine?

You need to have an up to date version of the ionCube Loader activated on your webserver and an already working Vanilla forum, that's it!

The activation of nillazine is a very easy and straightforward task, just take a look at our "how to" video clip.

Please make also sure that your web-hoster offers the ionCube loader for your webspace.

Refund Policy

Do you offer Refunds?

We cannot offer refunds or chargebacks for purchases.

Why is that ?

We try to keep prices as low as possible, every refund procedure would constitute a significant administrative burden which would only result in a greater price bump.


Does nillazine have subthemes support?

Of course, so you can either create your own subthemes or download our creations here for free.

Please note that nillazine doesn't offer homepage forum layouts since it doesn't meant to be a classical forum theme.


Do nillazine offer a built-in visual theme editor?

No, the implementation of a built-in visual theme editor (page builder) would be by far one of the worst decisions you could make if you prefer a fast website, it's an incredibly demanding resource hog and while it might help beginners to design their site a tad faster it'll put the processing power of your webserver permanently to the test.
It will result in nothing but more costs in the end if you want to keep up performance wise with other websites - just ask all the big players like facebook, google & co, they'll tell you.

Can i change the appearance of the masonry grid?

Easily! Some of the contained elements are plugin-related, for example if you aim for a pure image oriented masonry just disable the excerpts plugin and that's it, and if you want to go even further then CSS will do the rest.

Plugins and Plugin Compatibility

Is nillazine compatible with all available plugins?

nillazine is compatible with mostly all available and "up-to" date plugins except a very few which are altering the structure of themes like "infinite scroll" for example.

Some questions still unanswered? Then don't hesitate and drop us a line here.